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I really REALLY doubt there's anything wrong with the new space missions. Just like with all previous missions you have to finish them ALL first before you unlock dailies / weeklies for them. I also did not have any weeklies, until I finished all new missions. Then 3 weeklies appeared (and they keep appearing each week now).
I bet most of you haven't completed all new missions and falsely think that there's some kind of bug here.
Many here appear to be ill informed.
Permit me to show what was on test (according to dulfy) and is supposed to be on Live servers:

Day_________Missions______________________________ _____Rewards (Commendations)
Monday______Far Cradle Strike/Regnant Station Assault________2 Black Hole, 5 Daily, and 40 Fleet
Tuesday______Kabal Station Defense/Ardis Outpost Fortification__2 Black Hole, 5 Daily, and 40 Fleet
Wednesday___Kanz Minefield/ New Cov Asteroid Field__________2 Black Hole, 5 Daily, and 40 Fleet
Thursday_____Duma Strike/Baros Ambush____________________2 Black Hole, 5 Daily, and 40 Fleet
Friday________Lorta Escort/Hypori Escort_____________________2 Black Hole, 5 Daily, and 40 Fleet
Saturday______Cha Raaba Assault/Thanium Disruption__________2 Black Hole, 5 Daily, and 40 Fleet
Sunday_______Cha Raaba Assault/Thanium Disruption +_________4 Black Hole, 10 Daily, 80 Fleet
______________Duma Strike/Baros Ambush

I unlocked everything on one char, and since that I have been recording what ops I get every day.
I get the sunday operations unlocked on tuesday and sunday, and I get the monday ops unlocked on wednesday. The rest of the days are empty.
Needless to say, Im disappointed. But not surprised.