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Well, firstly as a tank I make sure that my healer gets guarded right away, giving me a little time to notice if they're getting their head beaten in.

Secondly I always look over the group and try to preplan what I'm going to do. If there's a lot of mobs potentially running around, I like to open up with Death from Above (or charge in and Flame Sweep a couple of times), while keeping mindful of any CC golds. Gather them up, and then adjust my view so that I can see the rest of the party and how they're doing. If any mob doesn't have aggro at this point, they will go straight for the healer, and they tend to get a bit annoyed at that, but usually a couple of blaster shots can get that mob running back at you.

Naturally your healer is the most important person you need to pay attention to, and luckily (if you're paying attention), you have all sorts of tools to make sure he gets to heal in pease. You get a taunt. You get an AoE taunt, which is especially useful if there's a bunch of mobs near some CC'd golds you don't want to wake up. You have grapple hook, which not only gets that mob away from your healer right away, but it causes a good chunk of aggro too.

And don't worry about letting some dps get knocked around if things are getting too chaotic, as long as your healer stays alive. They really should've been focusing on one target at a time anyways.

Once you feel that you have that merry band of mobs somewhat under control, then you and your party can start picking off mobs one at a time (or all at once if they're weak enough, in which case flamesweep away), and so on...

The majority of pre 50 flashpoints are fairly simple enough. They tend to be self-explanatory in regards to what to touch, what to run away from... Also if it's my first time I ask the rest of the group to let me know if I'm about to do something stupid. Usually there's at least one person that knows what they're doing.