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I have been playing the game since it went F2P, funnily though i went and subscribed.
Why subscribe to a F2P game? Because a lot of the options needed to play this game are horribly expensive through cartel or the credits/req. lvl.

Why should i have to pay extra to have a workable UI?

A lot of the features needed to truly play this game require a 100 cartel coins each (or more) then one really has to wonder about EAware. Is EAware really that pathetic that they need to charge a massive amount of real money so a person can get a mount with a bunch of light bulbs hanging from it? Or to have a title next to their name or their legacy name?

The cartel is a disgusting money grab, they could have reduced the painful slap in the face that this is by having more reasonable prices. It could be as simple as making a inventory expansion apply across the whole account (for the normal cost for one character). Players should not have to need to pay 200 or more dollars just to get the game to a playable state.

So, on the off chance that EAware reps actually listen to their customers, and i have strong doubts about that considering many of the games EAware has recently released.

1- Decrease Costs of cartel items across the board, change it from a blatant money grab to something more subtle.
2- If a person buys multiple of the various packs, then make it so that they don't get multiple of the same item.
3- Make discounts for players, ranging from F2Pers, Preferred, to Subscribers. And if you have any loyalty towards former players then maybe extra benefits to those who have spent a certain amount through subscriptions or on the cartel market.
4- Make character unlocks applicable to all characters on the account. Eg. paying to unlock inventory space, XP unlocks, riding skill unlocks, etc.
5- Give incentives for people to play or come back to the game, former subscribers get a small amount of cartel coins when they reactivate but tell me how much they then have to spend to return the game to a playable state which may include resubscribing anyway.

6- This is the big one, I KNOW that EAware does not pay much attention to anything but themselves, but for your sake and that of the players having second thoughts about this game, LOOK at other free to play games. Give incentives for people to play and pay and keep that cycle going. EA does not know everything, yes you can make a lot of money in a short period of time by making costs for the needed features massive,
OR you can make a lot more money over a long time by Listening to your customers and observing successful games ( or more successful F2P games) and adapting your game according to what you have done. Do some in-game surveys, Forum polls, and actually give feedback while receiving same from customers.

Fact is, as much as i hate it, WoW is still going strong hasn't gone free to play because they did do number 6. I like SWtOR even more than i have WoW, or Rift, or Aion, or The Secret World sadly however my interest in SWtOR is waning, do i want to create another character and then fork out for all the necessary unlocks in order to play correctly? Or do i buy into a blatant scheme such as the life day 'products'? (are they that good anyway? they look pretty dodgy, i think i'd die laughing if i saw some unfortunate sith who bought one of those mounts).

Please for the sake of the game, the customers, and yourselves address your actions with this game, after all the fate of this game is no longer in your hands but OURs. If this game survives long term or fizzes out is up to those who play/pay it.

Lastly why was it called preview? Wouldn't it make more sense to just call it a some 'State of the Game' video?