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I think the bigger issue here and your avoiding it is that it stops you from getting past some bosses without having to do them. Look I get it you dont wana have to do every boss is every mission some people do. I personaly dont care but be honest with us and yourself. You issue is that you are pullig bosses you try and sneak past while members of the group are able to get past without being stealthed. It sucks. But dont try and say its anything other then what it really is.
The problem isn't that we can't stealth past and avoid bosses, i have no problem with mechanics stopping that, it's that some mobs can see stealthers that are farther away than their agro range. For burst stealthers like operatives, that makes a huge problem because they have to stay much farther away from the boss then the rest of the group, and when adding in the fact that they don't have any quick gap closer, they lose a lot of dps, or they can start out of stealth and then they can't get their opening burst.