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Interesting fights.....some of these are so close it would make my head hurt trying to think of em.

Grievous vs Mandalore- really tough to say, the mandalorians are pretty much an army of elite commandos and grievous pretty much leads an army composed entirely of droids. Really tough to say, since both sides are unfamiliar with the fighting style of the other, but I'll throw 50 creds on mandalore since they could adapt more quickly

Tyber vs Goto - interesting fight, but I think Tyber would win in the end just cause he has more military power.

Revan vs Kaan - Revan, he just had better.......everything

Malgus vs Xizor - depends, how is the treatment of aliens in the galaxy during this fight?

Traya vs Plagueis - it hurts me to say it but I think plagueis has this one

Exar Kun vs Naga sadow - Naga sadow, but it changes very quickly if naga sadow himself is found....

btw, does each faction get their prominent allies this time around? (excluding darth nihilus for obvious reasons)
They'll all get an ally of my choice. So yes. Whether this will remain for the Semi-Finals etc remains to be seen.

Don't suppose you could put together a prediction for the top 4? There are virtual cookies in it.