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This is Sinjinn from Holocron. I have no idea why you are trolling me in WZ's with the rude comments and on the forums for no reason. What is the SS supposed to be showing anyways, that you did more damage than me? If it is, then this post is completely pointless and has no value, constructive or otherwise. However, what it does show is that you are immature and oblivious to the point of WZ's. I will not be replying to this anymore as well as having you on ignore in game because all it does is make my blood boil from your stupidity as well as giving me the sudden urge to choke your mother. Have a nice life knuckle head.

Caveat: My Sin is Darkness (Tank spec for you class illiterate types)

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lvl 20 PT


Note: lol @ that almost 17k hp twink. Sinjinn from Holocron.