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Here is my thought. If your running with guildies or just to get your coms skipping is th ebest way to do it becuase once you get full columni HM FP's (minus Lost Island) are pointless. If you PUG a flashpoint and there is someone who wants to watch the cutscenes and do every boss and you dont want to either suck it up and help someone out or just quit before you even start and say you just dont have time or something. My advice join a guild before 50 and you wont have this problem.
See the great thing about rolling a healer as a main. When you ask people to space bar thru the cut scenes they usually do it. Personally if you want to watch the movies QUE FOR A NORMAL FP. But I flat out tell them if you do not space bar I will just leave.

Sorry those of us that have been around since launch or Beta have done these so many times. We would like our coms and be done. As to skipping bosses. If you ask nicely I have no problem helping kill something if the entire group agrees but first person who ask not to I join them and either quit or skip.

We dont need to make them mandatory. Keep them the way they are for those of us that do them just to help people getting crafting components.