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12.23.2012 , 03:13 PM | #176
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Such a cool story, bro! The thing is many people here and in some other threads concerning about the same things are saying the "run, skip, spacebar"-runs should disappear and many are suggesting to make killing all the bosses required to finish the FP. That would be a good idea as the bosses are there for a reason, even though some people are way passed the point of needing the drops.
And your story is just as cool... Again, point is there's a large community of people who don't think they should disappear and said community aren't jerks just because some people don't get what they want. Do the full FP, skip most of it, idc; but when people QQ that others are a-holes because they don't agree, then it's an issue. As is suggesting that the game be altered to give one group their specific desire. Bottom line is if you pug, you get what you get. I don't want to do the whole thing for the 114th time, so I don't. If that pisses some people off, then that's unfortunate, but I don't start QQ threads about how people are "anti-social" because they don't agree, which is how this whole thing started. We can agree to disagree about how FPs should be run, but I strongly oppose fixing FPs to require mandatory all-boss kills.