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Some nice story....
Such a cool story, bro! The thing is many people here and in some other threads concerning about the same things are saying the "run, skip, spacebar"-runs should disappear and many are suggesting to make killing all the bosses required to finish the FP. That would be a good idea as the bosses are there for a reason, even though some people are way passed the point of needing the drops.

I'm okey with skipping thrash but I can still remember too many runs when "something unexpected" has happened, for example someone has dropped from a cliff and the group needs to reset the endboss and run halfway back to the start to kill 1-2 groups of thrash to help the one who just respawned to get through...And then we just realize completing the FP just took 10-15 minutes more than it would have taken if we had killed all the bosses and most of the thrash.

Skipping ultimately leads into more unnecessary deaths and wipes than just killing those bosses and most of the thrash. I have seen this as I have been in the game from the early launch.
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