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I have even a better idea! Lets ask BioWare to give you a free set of Black Hole gear right here and now so you don't have to whine so much. "I want it all and I want it now" describes you so well, just as Queen sings.
I'm full DG on main, partial DG/full camp on one alt, full camp on 2nd alt and a few mods short on a 4th. I don't need welfare gear: I earned it along with many people back in the beginning. These runs are purely for comms for r/e purposes. Thus why myself and people like myself don't feel the need to sit through redundant instances for any longer than is necessary. But way to completely misread what I said. /clap for you.

It's also very amusing to see you talk about whining when you've posted way more on here. This whole thread is a QQ on how people who skip are ***** and not all of us are. Amazing how those like you who disagree are quick to insult and cry and call us names, but when we defend our positions we're whining. That's the curse of the MMO though: a generation of gamers who think the community owes them a living.