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So long as you keep your expertise at/slightly above 1200, you'll receive an HP and WP boost from the PVE armorings, a set bonus that'll make HT more "spamable" and you won't see an overall increase in squishiness because you'll actually be capable of out healing some DPS classes.

Just the other night, I was able to withstand a 2v1 against an assassin (hybrid) and a smash Jugg at the middle of the AH WZ, keeping them from getting boxes by myself.

If you balance you're bubble/root knock back setup, you can keep targets back when needed (5s root when they don't take damage). That's enough to do a full channel on HT (putting you at safe HP levels), a bubble and begin a deliverance cast that -- if uninterrupted -- will top off your HP pool. By now, you're on the short side of your CDs for CCs and will be fine.

Overall, the +170 +/- expertise really only translates to an additional increase of marginal 1-1.5% damage mitigation. Give me better, quicker heals, and increased crit/HP over that kind of "increased survivability".

At the end of the day, it's what you're comfortable with. Use this approach & try it for a minimum of 10 WZ's. if after you feel too squishy, start slowly adding the +exp back into your mix (starting with MH/OH, then Belt/Bracers, and keeping set bonus benefits as your "last resort" to increase survivability from +expertise).

Best of luck. Report back. I'll be interested to hear your test results!
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