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@Fino, makes a lot more sense now after I finished reading From Brute to Silly. All of the feels. To all of them. On a slightly unrelated note, I love Ald. And how he's the only sane one on his ship.

@Milani, Don't worry, I'm the same way with prompts Maybe she had a midichlorian baby, though that would mean that midichlorians actually existed...

@Hoyden, It's also the greatest bilingual pun ever. That song was used as part of a French Presidential election, as "Creil" is a place just a bit north of Paris.

@Tatile, I was thinking about interpretations of the Sith code when I wrote Dreams and Nightmares. We must be psychically linked. Or maybe just telepathy. I hear you don't need Force sensitivity for that. Also, academic literature is the best form of literature, so Broan should get his beauty sleep. Writing papers while tired is not a good way to get an A with your teacher.


Remember how I said I would post about this week's prompt? Yeah, I still need to get on that...

This is set a bit later, once Kaaste and Briel had been together a while.

Prompt: Loyalty and Betrayal
Characters: Briel and Valdr

Warning: Not for sensitive eyes. Implied rape.


Author's note
"Amor omnibus idem" - "Love is the same for all"