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I don't know - I think there is something important about what the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders brought. Ever since the Mandalorian Wars the term 'Mandalorian' has became something more than just the culture of the Taung. Its not about your race, or birthplace - its about the armor, the code of honor, and the glory of battle. Its a unifying mentality that brings together all people of all races under a single banner for a single cause. Anyone should be able to don Mandalorian armor if they can prove themselves worthy. And contrary to what Aurbere says, Mandalorians such as Canderous Ordo, Mandalore the Vindicated, Jaster Mereel, Jango and Boba Fett deserve to be respected and admired just as much as the Taung.
Am not saying they shouldn't be(though with Jango/Boba thats debatable for me....the absurd fans of those two have kinda pushed me away from them.), I just prefer the Taung when the Mandalorians were a specific group and not any that just someone could join if they proved themselves. It made the Mandalorians more unique and interesting.
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