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Do you really think the lvl 50 flashpoints and operations is everything there is going to be? With a level cap of 55? Logic is a wise thing, my friend. Sure, you can use boxershorts for 5 year old kids when you're a grown up, but will they fit? No. Simple logic, man. Also, I would only assume that class stories would continue past level 50, wouldn't you? Doesn't make sense to abandon what makes the game amazing, at the very least right now. I doubt EA would like to lose more subs than they already have, so discontinuing class stories is out of the question.
logic has no buisness in the control of hickman, will there be flashpoints at lvl 55, will they be part of makeb is another matter, if new flashpoints drop after makeb they had as much chance of dropping before just as operations do but the only difference is the lvl cap has been increased thus increasing the lvl cap on said flashpoints and operations via patchs and there is every chance that a new flashpoint or operation could drop in spring but it could have always been made tobe introduced in spring where makeb was meant tobe introduced in november/december.

People are assuming so much is going tobe in makeb but so many forget that makeb was intended as a content patch designed to balance the metrics for what they originally intended. Other games have done this and not charged. so as this was itself intended as a content patch all things designed to drop after will have followed on from the lvl cap that shall be introduced by this.

And least forget makeb should have been here now and makeb is the last thing promoted to be coming this year, so content that was set in motion after makeb is automaticaly set to the higher limit but not mentioned to us yet, and remember makeb info was released and demo'ed in june, that means they started working on it atleast in febuary and the only reason its not here is because all content, that being hypergates etc were pushed back whilst they put the bulk of the devs on the f2p development.

As for EA, forget EA and think of hickman, you remember warhammer right, logic has no place in this one bit and class story has already been ruled out for makeb. That said i fully expect a flashpoint and op to be dropped in with makeb but i also expect it tobe at the cost of content between now and then withstanding illum of course that is in gabes control.

Ow and i never said there would only be lvl 50 flashpoints and ops, i fully expect them to whack in nightmare level for flashpoints and ops at 55.
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