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12.23.2012 , 07:51 AM | #172
I am sick and tired of selfish people skipping bosses.

Was in a Battle for Ilum last evening and the tank and one of the melee didn't give a rat's *** the others wanted to kill the bosses, they skipped everything they could. We didn't kill any of the bosses apart from the last and the one right before.

Just completed a Lost Island and two of the players (me included) asked for a full run and the tank didn't respond. When i asked it again he told me i could leave if i wanted a full run! What a selfish bastard.

You might have uber gear but not everyone else has. If people are asking for a full run you should respect that and kill all bosses.

This is not only a problem of the community but also an oversight of Bioware. You should not be able to skip bosses in the first place...period.