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12.23.2012 , 06:48 AM | #1830
I played quite a lot in pugs lately, and honestly i don't think the problem is premades, the "problem" is just very good players;

like, there's some players if i see one of them on my team i know we're not gonna be stomped, if i see one of them on the other team i know it's gonna be a hard match. Now the problem, imo, is if 4 of them queue up together. Since there's very few of them, chances that the opposing team happens to have a few as well are just really really slim.

I have absolutely no idea how to fix it, but what would go a long way imo is if they'd show some grace and stop obliterating the other team once the warzone is decided. Is it really necessary to farm the enemy at the spawn point? Do you have to /say how bad they are? If i played roger federer today i'd get destroyed, but i'm pretty sure he'd be graceful about it, not making fun of me and tell me to "l2p noob". Lots of good players lack this completely, and this makes for a bad experience imo.