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You absolutely decided Vitiate would win before you started the thread. You also made up your mind ahead of time on the Revan vs. Traya debate. And you were not arguing for the underdog in that debate. All of the strong, regular debaters on this forum were arguing for Traya in that thread.

Look, I don't begrudge you your opinion. I just don't like it when you pretend that you are scoring arguments based on their merit when you are actually just handing more points to the argument you preferred from the start. You picked Vitiate because you were biased from the beginning, not because of any convincing arguments. This was billed as a battle of power bases. Sidious' power base is an order of magnitude stronger than Vitiate's. That's not a question of opinion. It's canon fact. On top of that, there wasn't a single plausible scenario offered for how Sidious could have been killed. I disagreed with you on the Revan v. Traya debate, and I thought you clearly made your mind up before the thread, but it wasn't egregious like this. There is simply no plausible way Vitiate's Sith Empire defeats the most powerful Sith ever and the most powerful Sith-led Empire ever. You are entitled to your opinion. But when you start a series of threads and claim you are an unbiased scorekeeper, then give the victory to the obviously weaker side simply because it was the one you preferred from the start, you make a "joke" out of the premise.

Nobody is unbiased. You clearly have an idea in your head of who would win these matchups before the debate starts, as does everyone else involved. So stop pretending your decisions are based on some sort of scoring on the merits of the discussion when they clearly are not.
Your making assumptions here, so there is no point arguing. If you believe I'm biased in every battle, and I make my mind up before the battle even starts, then fine. But don't expect me to apologise for something that isn't true.