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12.23.2012 , 01:40 AM | #9
I just beat Thanium Disruption on about my tenth try. Man, that is one hell of a ride. Like a poster said above, you must blow your Jammer when the mines open up on you. Personally, I waited until they killed my shield to use it. Then, use your EMP when the Jam wears off. You should be in range of the frigate. Unload on the frigate with everything you have, it should be weak enough to kill later or killed outright.

Now, the hard part. When you're ripping through the asteroids, don't perform a roll when you have a tight window approaching. Stay the course, even if it means taking a hit or two. The key is to unload your missiles on one ship at a time, and use all four at once. You'll have four ships shooting at you, you must thin their numbers fast if you want to survive. Prioritize one ship at a time to eliminate, and don't get distracted by the other ships shooting at you. You should ride 95% of the time with power to shields, except for a few small windows where you have a clear shot for a few seconds. Then, switch to lasers and let 'em have it. When the window closes, back to shields and missiles.

If you didn't kill the frigate earlier, you get one last shot at him from the stern. Use any remaining missiles to take out what's left (prioritizing the bridge) and throw caution to the wind and switch to lasers. I killed the ship as it was accelerating away, I had a handful of missiles left, and a littler sliver of health.

I bought one of the Grade 7 bundles with my cartel coins, and the rest at bargain prices from the GTN. I wouldn't recommend trying this mission with anything less than the best parts available.

Good luck! Really, if I can do it, you can do it.