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Holy s*** I remember this thread, re-read OP for a great laugh, thank you! XD

Though I do tend to think girl gamers get screwed for romance in this game:

Quinn: ...Yeah, no explanation needed
Pierce: Pretty limited
Tharan: Creepy and limited
Iresso: Boring
Vector: Bugs.
Jorgan: Really?
Doc: He's a d***
Andronikos: Also a d***
Torian: He's a child
Corso: Derp!
General flirts in SW storyline: Ugly old men. And Quinn.
I can second most of these, except that I love Doc, b/c Bruce Campbell.

We need moar choices for LI's though:

Tallos Drellik (he's adorable, yes, he's dweeby, but he's adorable)
Doctor Lokin (The Most Interesting Man/Rakghoul In The Universe)
Blizz (you know you want to)

...for starters.