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Chapter 8: The Path That Must Be Walked

The Sith

I learned that before Reide died she had sent a Jedi friend of Risha's, Master Sumalee, to Xerrin's ship to get the Mystic. Doc and T7 had already been there and together they'd been able to capture him. The republic wouldn't let me near him of course but, I didn't need to be. Xerrin would tell me what I needed to know, one way or the other.

I sat outside of med bay in the republic base while the Jedi healers tended to whatever the Voss had done to Xerrin. Several Jedi and a angry squad of troopers stood watch over us. I'm still not sure why my request to stay was granted when I'd had Lancoro carry Xerrin back to the republic base, but, it had been and an uneasy cease fire was called between the two warring sides. For the moment, the Voss had become a bigger threat, but the Jedi were naive to think that the Republic would care as much as they did. Troopers didn't use the force, and whatever the Voss were doing did not affect the majority of their military. I was well aware we were on severely borrowed time.

Tana sat on one side of me my hand clenched between hers. Lancoro on the other side of me, though he said nothing, just kept looking down at his hands. I kept my hand on his shoulder. Let go of him only to do the same to Vanceto who squatted in front of me, his arm across my knees his chin resting on his forearm. Their presence was calming, even though the feeling of their sadness, their anger, all their volatile emotions nearly overwhelmed me at certain intervals. I was a ticking time bomb but I would not allow my children to know of my internal struggle.

I looked at my daughter. "You didn't tell me of Watcher Two," I said quietly.

Tana smiled privately. "I hadn't had the chance."

"I approve. She is strong."

"I'm really glad. I think I love her."

Vanceto looked thoughtful. "This complicates things, sister."

Tana shot her brother a look. "How so?"

"Lancoro and I meant to torture your boyfriend. I am uncertain what to do about a girlfriend."

Tana chuckled lightly. Vanceto grinned faintly.

Lancoro was much more subdued. I watched him release light a smile. His pain was so much stronger than the either of his siblings because of Mako. I knew that pain well. My first instinct was to tell him to soothe his anguish in the blissful rage of revenge and vengeance. In bloodshed and conquest. I went to open my mouth but Elliah's voice rang throughout my mind -

"He will need his mother, not the dark lord."

At the time I had told Elliah I was both. Then it was true. I was too much of the Dark Lord now. I cleared my throat, tempered back my urges and claimed one of Lancoro's big hands. "It hurts now," I said quietly. "It may always. But you will be stronger for it. I am proof."

Lancoro swallowed hard and silently kissed my cheek. I smiled very faintly and let my head rest briefly against his own.

I heard the door to Xerrin's room open and glanced down the hallway as the Jedi healers began filling out. Master Satele Shan let them walk away, and remained standing in the hallway looking at me. I understood the silent message.

I looked away from the Jedi Master and back at my children. "All of you, hear me well. Now is your time. You must stand in your own strength and with each other. This families legacy is now told through you."

"We will go with you mother, to stop the Voss-" Vanceto started but I interrupted him.

"No. That is not your path, it is mine. And if I do not return you will not mourn me. You will not grieve. Even my death will be your strength. Do you understand?"

They were silent several moments. Lancoro was the first to speak. "Yes ma'am."

I looked at my daughter, at my other son. Both of them echoed Lancoro's words. I rose to my feet, and kissed them in turn. "I love you."

I did not wish to hear it back from them, I could feel it. That was powerful enough. I walked away from my children and followed Master Satele into an empty room.

The Bounty Hunter

There wasn't anything else we could say as mom walked away. I had the sinking feeling in my gut I might never see her again and to say that hurt was an understatement. I couldn't dwell on that though. She was right. Everything was different now. We had to stand on our own. We couldn't dishonor Aunt Reide or mom in any other way.


I glanced up and watched as Vanceto turned just in time; Vette flung herself into his arms.

"I love you. I love you. I love you." She kept saying it in between kisses Vanceto was trying to capture. Finally he did and I had to look away. It wasn't that I wasn't happy for him, I was. It was just that I'd couldn't watch them, not without feeling like my heart was being ripped out.

I focused on mom's words instead. I'd would live, as much as that sucked right now. And I would be stronger for it. I looked at Tana, saw her watching our brother with a wistful look in her eyes, and nudged her. "Don't you have somewhere to be too Moff Jinobie?"

Tana smiled at the thought, then sobered as she met my gaze. "What are you gonna do?"

"My new job," I said to her. "With a little help from Revel. And Kaliyo if you don't mind."

Tana immediately understood. She hugged me tightly. "I don't mind. I'm not a field agent anymore and Kaliyo hates Dromund Kaas."

"Yeah that place sucks," I agreed. Tana laughed. She squeezed me tighter for another second, let me go and hurried off.

I stood up, pausing for just a moment to watch Vanceto and Vette embrace. Vette was good for him. She'd keep him level. Keep him right on the edge, just where he'd need to be to step into the role he had to fill.

I backed up and turned around walking out of the wing. The Troopers escorted me until I was out of the building. I found Kaliyo lingering at the gates, smoking a cigarra and giving the republic guards snarky glances.

"Heard you hate Dromund Kaas," I said as I walked up to her.

Kaliyo looked at me with that unreadable face of hers and said nothing.

"I'm short a crew member. You done playing Imperial Agent? Wanna get back to your roots?"

"What are you offering Bounty Hunter?"

"I could use someone else on my side that runs circles around the Underworld like you do."

Kaliyo decked me flat out, splitting my lip and pulling out my little grunt of surprise.

I quirked a brow at her. "What was that for?"

"Loyalty is big to me Bounty Hunter. Need to know I can trust you. You knock me out again to go play hero I'll shoot yah."

I shoved the back of my hand over my lip. "Got it."

"Not kidding. Your sister won't care. I don't need a hero."

I held up my hands. "I got it the first time. No hero ****."

Kaliyo looked satisfied.

"For what it's worth," I added, lowering my hands. "I didn't do it just to save your life. I knew you'd come after us."

"That's why there's hope for you yet. Gotta middle name?"

"No. Why?"

"Don't like your first one. Maybe I'll just call you Jin. Or Obe."

I smirked faintly. "How about you call me Boss?"

Kaliyo let go a crooked smile. "Maybe in public."

For the first time since Mako died, I took a tiny breath that didn't hurt.
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