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12.22.2012 , 08:54 PM | #160
Looks matter, in all things. I just hit 50, and now have to choose between being somewhat gimped, or looking like a complete fool. Personal style is very important.

No appearance tab is nonsense to me. People don't just wear what they find or are given.

If visuals didn't matter, we'd all be playing D&D instead of this. As for crafters, it's your choice to craft, no one made you.

I'll go even further and say, appearance-wise, anyone should be able to wear anything. Clothes and armor are not just going to pop off of you when trying to wear them and say, "whoops, you're not right for this". Heavy, medium and light should only be there as a mechanic. Visually, it doesn't matter. A quick glance at history will show, whatever armor is made, a weapon is soon made that will penetrate it.