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This is a topic I have been talking about quite frequently as of late, now there a lot of guilds that do the same thing i.e. PvP & PvE but struggle in both aspects due to numbers but if they merged they would have nothing but positive gains. Although either Guild wants to lose its name so nothing happens and both Guilds go on struggling.

I once heard an American player say thatís an Australian problem ďas you all the form a SBFC (Super Best Friends Club) and then cannot join with another SBFC, due to losing the name that you and other members of the SBFC came up with which has respect, recognition and strikes fear into other SBFCís. Americans donít have that problem we go to the guild we think is the best and if you canít get into that one then you go to its rivalry

I hope some of these Guilds can recognise who they are and make the necessary hard changes to both find the positive gains which will only benefit there guild and its members.
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