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Your point is a major factor in why Merc dps is considered OP by the devs. Not so much the issue of what happens when devs play devs in their free time. But just generally, a low skill Merc dps will own a low skill Melee dps. The low skill melee dps can't keep his target in front of him and in range. He might lose 50% or more of his GCDs simply to target acquisition. The low skill Merc dps has a significantly easier time here. And thus he will post better numbers in warzones. But once you get to skilled players, that melee inefficiency is dramatically reduced. Instead you get a lot of lost GCDs to the Merc dps through interrupts and lost dps through better defensive abilities available to the melee.

Basically, the Merc dps subclass benefits from a very easy learning curve and is thus penalized by the devs with an artificially low ceiling on performance. It's bad design.
This I agree with 100%. As soon as melee learn to deal with us it's game over. High skill on merc/commando doesn't matter much because skill needs tools and merc/commando doesn't have any. Meanwhile other classes HAVE tools, and so their learning curve is steeper, but once they master all those tools? Like I said, game over.

Level 50 commando is balanced to take down level 11 melee. Totally ridiculous.
In update 2.9 the game will simply uninstall itself for you.