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For the record, we're playing on Harbinger. I won't say the guild name because it could be any one of a number and it'd be a disservice to the good people in all of the good guilds out there to call any one of them out as being "better" than others. Mine's one of the genuinely larger guilds out there. I say genuine because we never random invite or advertise for membership. We recruit by running with people and feeling them out for their personality and select the ones we think will fit in rather than on gear or fight knowledge. We're straight up casual PVE.

Another story:

A member of one of those really strong, knowledgeable and exclusive endgame raiding guilds happened to be running with 3 of our guys in a hmfp. They were just blowing through the content in the fp without much thought so they got to talking. Our guys started to solicit advice on hardmode tfb since that's the progression level their characters are mostly at and they've been having nothing but trouble in there.

The first time I knew of any of this was when the person hopped on our mumble server to give out detailed advice. All of it good. In the end, he offered to put us in touch with his GM to get more information and asked for and was given my character's name as a contact point. Lo and behold, about an hour later I received a tell from the GM of that guild asking about who was requesting help and offering to come into our mumble as well to offer advice.

Cue this guy taking two+ hours out of his life to talk straight on endgame gear with our ops team leads, tanks and whoever wanted to show up in an open forum. They ended up inviting our best geared ops tank to their run that night and ran with him as far as he was capable to pass on the fight experience before swapping in one of their own more knowledgeable and better geared tanks to finish as a group.

Our tank came out of there full of very positive advice with lots of ideas and a ton of new knowledge. Advice, ideas and knowledge that he has passed on to his operations team and they're eager to try them.

The lesson learned were pretty simple: Hardcore Raiding <> Jerk. Thanks to that guild's mentorship, our teams now have a fighting chance at understanding and bringing down hm tfb. It will be a grind for gear but they can see the light at the end of the tunnel whereas before they were flying blind.

Maybe that's the difference between being hardcore or a wannabe. Hardcore players just go and do it and often enjoy passing on their hard earned knowledge to others, wannabes hoard knowledge and play the elitism card to anybody they are capable of lording it over.

To all the truly hardcore players out there: Thank you for lighting the way and showing us how.
This. This is awesome, and SO true.