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I like playing this game - I've been playing it for over a year now. It's cheap entertainment that I can use at any time, any day, whenever I want (before someone says it, except during maintenance I'm usually asleep for that), compared to most other things we pay for. U-verse TV - $79 + Netflix Streaming $7.99 a month.

Saw a couple of movies this month for $12 for not much more than 2 hours of entertainment that I'll be able to see for free soon with the other services that we pay for. Not to mention what dinner and drinks cost before hand.

Bottom line, I want to keep playing swtor. We can argue about whether the xpac deserves a price tag and all that but it's already being done many times over in General Discussion. I have my own opinions and speculations about what has transpired in the game's management since launch. If RotHC turns out to feel like it 's not worth a measly $10 than I will not pre-order again.

Also why I sub - it would cost me a lot more overall to purchase Warzone and Operation passes, and I have too many alts. I also think the subscription model should always been supported, though I do think they need to work harder to make subs more attractive rather than make F2P look less attractive.
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