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12.22.2012 , 12:52 PM | #13
Haha, I remember his name but I don't want to embarrass the poor fellow. I was told he often complains about votes/lack thereof.
He had about 50k more damage, and more defensive medals because I'm not a gun turret - I fight around the doors not necessarily on them (keeps me away from AOE stuns and better for dropping combat to make last second capping interupt)
If I cared about medal farming, I'd play to earn more of them. A lot of game changing/winning moves, though, aren't recognised. Interupting reinforcements to cap node, harrassing opposition's node to prevent them the time to form an attack, interrupting caps, floating inbetween nodes to call early incs.... All things considered, it was just very very strange to have someone moan at length about MVP votes, or consider a higher DPS score to = better contribution.

Yeah, I make the mistake sometimes of thinking the healers are guaranteed votes, so give mine to high protect or the people I'm grouped with....Then feel bad when I see that no one else voted them either...

My last comment was sarcastic, 'cause this thread is very similar to the other one OP posted. :P