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Orange items have no stats beyond what mods are put into them. You don't have an Orange item with 250 armor. You have an orange item with 0 armor with an armor mod inside it that is providing 250 armor in the same way it's providing the rest of the stats. An orange item you found at level 10 is the same with no mods in it as a level 50 orange. You can keep an orange item until 50.

Purple items do not have an armoring mod so you will outlevel them eventually. An orange item with all purple mods of the same level as the purple itself will have equal stats. For all intents and purposes, purple items are orange items that have their armoring mod locked and cannot be modified.

For armor, the base armor is determined by the Armoring mod.
For weapons, the base damage is determined by the Hilt for lightsabres or by the barrel for blasters.

This is listed on the Armoring/Hilt as Armor Rating or Damage Rating. The actual damage or armor amount will be based on the type of item. For example an Armoring Mod with a rating of 66 will provide more actual armor when slotted into heavy armor then it will when slotted into light armor. The level of the item make no difference, a rating of 66 in a level 10 medium armor orange will provide the same amount as a rating of 66 in a level 50 medium armor orange.

It's somewhat confusing that Mod could refer to any modification that goes into slotted armor, or it could specifically refer specifically to Mod modifications, which are stat items that plug into armor and provide stat bonuses.