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12.22.2012 , 11:25 AM | #2
Before the cash shop I would have said no.

But now I could very much see them doing this as a cash shop unlock, I don't think it would be much to switch animations for abilities. Only a few new animations would be needed, the rest would just be copy's of the current ones.

I for one would jump at the chance for my powertech to have a rifle, would love to have a carbine type weapon on them. Just have to think outside the classes also for animations, like if a trooper had a single blaster. Instead of say rocket punch which wouldn't really fit, he would have blaster whip from the scoundrel animations.

Anyway only way I see this happening is if they want more cash shop unlocks, and myself this would be the one of the only things I would buy so far. Yet to spend a single cartel coin on any of that junk.

Also to add its not like most of this is not already in game used by npc's and companions.
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