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My argument wasn't even about the gear drop system vs comms either, I'm not saying they should change anything of that nature, however the fact is PvP gear is far too viable for endgame PvE. It's not fair to people who just want to play PvE that someone else can skip half the PvE gearing route because they've bashed some other players in a warzone while the rest of us have to earn our drops to get up to that gear level.

In an ideal world all PvP gear shouldn't have more non-pvp stats than tionese, instead these stats should of been traded off for more PvP stats like more expertise, something that'll make players actually change their gear when they've come out of a warzone and gone into an op.
Fair enough, I think I get your point now.

Bad PvPers get gear easier than bad PvEers. By losing warzones, you get comms anyway and can gear up. Yet the player that can't run flashpoints and operations can't get gear. This makes sense.

Yet, it seems you're describing a matter of principle, rather than an actual situation causing problems. What difference does it make where someone got their gear? If they're in your pug, they're either a good player or a bad player. They help you finish the operation or they don't.

So they "skipped half of the PvE gearing route"

Heck, I could do that right now without setting foot in a warzone or a flashpoint or an operation. I have quite a bit of credits across all my toons. My latest (a Sniper) just dinged 50 last night. I could spent all my credits, buy a bunch of Molecular Stabilizers, and have someone craft a bunch of grade 27 dread guard gear (including the main hand barrel), and then pop it all in the free Tionese gear (for the set bonus).

I wouldn't have only skipped half of the PvE gearing route, I would have skipped ALL OF IT.

Yet, if I were doing HM TfB with you, would you really care where I got my gear? As long as I was doing my job?

If there were a disproportionate number of PvP players moving into PvE doing a terrible job, I could understand. And yet, I don't see that. And I've pugged A LOT.