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Species/Race: Human
Name: Sofia
Last Name: Nerio
Nickname: not got one yet
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Balmorra
Age: 17
Height: 5`6"
Weight: 130lbs
Hair Color/Style: brown hair, long hair down to just below shoulder`s
Facial Appearance: white with a small dimple on her left cheek
Eye Color: hazel brown eye`s
Body Appearance: slim
Current Residence: Tatooine
Allegiance: The Empire and Darth Vergas
Profession: Sith acoylte (Inquisitor)
Armor/Clothes: Saber robes, with some duresteal brace`s and fingerless gloves
Primary Weapon(s): Double ended lightsaber with a violet crystal she learnt niman lightsaber form
Secondary Weapon(s): The Force
Miscellaneous Item(s): none yet

Early year`s 0-12
sofia was brought up by her mother, on balmora. Her father was an imperial agent named tibrius, which kept him away from the family home alot time. Though she idolised him, he was her hero. She kept track of his holo letter`s, on imagined how he kept the evil republic at bay. She few incdent grwoing up, in her happy imperial home. Till the age ten, when she discovered by rountine testing to be force sentive. Her mother and father where both proud. Over next couple years she trained on balmorra for initation, and age twelth she was sent to korriban. Before she went her father gave her, a double edged vibro sword. As going away present, and a hug. She never goto see him person after that, but they made promisis once she was sith they meet up.

initiate year`s 12-15
During this time sofia spent, much time learning the basic`s of being sith. The sith code how to use the force, and how use her double end blade. This contiuned till it was time to be selected as an acoylte, to new sith lord sabrina. She was put with six other hopefull`s, they where. A nex a nekghoul, who overseer called cyclop`s on the ground`s he has only one eye. A pureblooded sith named frim, he was the overseer favored canidate. A nautolans named chipper, but he was struggling due to arid condtion`s. As he was ampbious life form, the climate did not agree with him. Another human male named malkai, he was quite well built but he was slow. Last their was a twi'lek female named rythaner, she was very fast but seemed to lack an edge. It was not that she could not kill, she seemed to try get out killing other`s.

acoylte year`s 15 - know
Her first trial was to goto, a local sith meditation chamber and prove her self. She got their, and their she saw a lord sorin. The lord commander her to kill, he had group of kor`slug`s. He wanted her to prove, she had what it took to kill these beast`s. So she took her blade from her back, and swung it round. Then he unleashed the beast`s, their where four of them in total. They rushed out at her, she quickly realised they all planned to keep pace with each other. Till they goto her, so they could over welm her with their number`s. So she the force to push one back, then lept up spining her blade. Cutting the throat of another, then jumped over them. She turned and trusted her blade into one of the other`s, it let out a howl as she killed it. Their`s was a problem though, her blade got stuck int he beast. The one she force on was still stuned, the other was about to bear down on her. She choose an echani fighting stance, taught to her by her father. She manged to force kick it, in the head dazing it. The she grabed by the head, and with all her weight and strength. Pulled onto the other side of her blade, skewering it on the blade. The other was coming too, as charged her. She used the force, to crush it`s throat. It died a slow death, from asphyxiation. She turned to lord, and gave a respctfull bow. Who laughed at her, and said You have not finshed yet, girl! Sofia looked shocked, My`lord what is left, for me to do? The sith lord grined, Your weapon, it still inside thoose two beast. You better get it out, we can not have unarmed acolyte running a round. It took her a short while, to pull her blade free. Then she got her mark to give back to the overseer, to say she has passed.

As she returned to the acadamy, she presented the mark to overseer. Then took her place with other five acolyte`s, then harkun spoke. Rythaner step forward. she replied Yes overseer. as she steped for ward. Rythaner your weak, and their`s is no place for you in this acadamy. Frim, kill her! Yes overseer. Frim and grin on his face, as he went to kill her. He rasied his weapon, to do overhead attack on her. As his blade came down it hit square on, cracking her skull. Overseer beconed some slave`s to clean the mess up, and then said Reat of you, be prepahred for your next trial. Then sofia let with other`s, and awited her next trial.

this her bio at mo will do more on it for next rp