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Also, as amount of selfhealing (TkT) depend on HP, 31k HP will give you 400 more selfheals...
The difference between 31k hp self healing via TkT (2480 hp) and 26k hp via self healing (2080 hp) is actually not all that impressive. Using the optimal sustainable rotation, you'll manage to use TkT every 15 seconds or so, which means that you're either getting ~165 hp/sec or ~138 hp/sec, purely from TkT. Factor in the additional ~42 hp/sec you get from Combat Technique and the ~22 hp/sec you get from the self heal relic, and you're talking about the difference between 229 hp/sec and 202 hp/sec, which is all of 13% better self heals. For that same investment (more than 400 Endurance is the difference we're talking about here; even at a bad conversion rate, that's going to count for a lot of your mitigation budget), you're going to get a better survivability payout just going with mitigation except for Kephess the Undying (and Stormcaller if your group doesn't use the swap strategy and you're on that tank rather than Firebrand).
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