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PvP is based on a comms system where you can still lose all your matches and earn comms for gear. Since the latest patches it's all too easy to max out on medals plus the daily quests so you're pretty much guaranteed any piece of WH after a couple of hours of play which stomps all over columi and is on par with rakata.

Just getting columi is a chore compared to it despite flashpoints being repeatable you still have to roll on the gear which isn't guaranteed to drop for your class. Not only that the mainhand which is considerably weaker than the WH piece (that you can pick up after at least 15 warzone matches guaranteed) you either have a chance drop where you are competing with 8 other players in a roll on KP once a week or you have to get to the end of LI HM which not everyone can do and hope it drops for your class and win the roll on it.

Anyone who says WH is a lot harder to get than columi after patch 1.6 is an imbecile, they're basically giving PvPers the guaranteed gear on a plate which basically is capable of playing some of the tougher PvE content in the game up to EC HM.

Where's the logic in that? It's almost like BW want people to skip gearing up PvE gear the normal route and just grab a set of WH and jump in an HM operation.
I can tell this is very important to you, but I'm havering a hard time following.

Sure, on my first level 50, when I basically sucked as a player, Columi took a long time to get.

BUT, every subsequent one was a breeze. My personal experience was it was pretty fast. So many over geared players queuing for group finder letting me need on drops, so many gear drops, it just went fast fast fast. When my gunslinger dinged 50, I was in 7 pieces of Rakata by the end of a single weekend. Heck, Dread Guard gear can be crafted, so with deep pockets you could buy BiS, and Black Hole comms are given out like candy at birthday party.

Now, I usually run into players in PvE gear when I pug. Occasionally I see a PvP geared player in a pug. Occasionally. It's not like an epidemic or anything.

And the PvP geared players I've personally run into (for the most part) have done fine.

Just so you know, I'm not trying to argue for or against anything. I'm genuinely confused by your vehemence on this subject as it doesn't seem like a problem to me.