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Your stats are almost identical to that of my sage's. I am not exactly sure how to take'em forward from there, but I think you are on the right track. I would personally stack up willpower > power > (check diminishing returns after this) > alacrity > critical > surge. As far as my stats in comparison to yours: I have about 1.2% more critical chance, surge I have +0.2% and alacrity I have about +0.35% more. I think with such stats, one should do roughly 1750-1800 dps to an operation dummy consistently (no adrenalines or armor reduction). I've got the DG elemental proc relic (higher crit rate for force users) and click to use DG +power relic. I upgraded my stats there recently and went full balance. Last two days I've tested those on operations and last night's damage on Withering Horror was about 1750+ (not blasting the small ads at all as we had two commandos wiping them in an instant) and the day before on Jarg and Sorno 1800+ (granted that I double-dotted to even them a little and when they were on middle, force in balance would hit them both).

So with Stats listed below with 3/7/31 im still doing 1700 average over couple mins

My rotation is MC>WM>SF>FIB>TTx4 then rinse and repeat. Does anyone else have a better rotation?
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