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A similar debate was held about guardians in the tanking forum, generally my idea is that both ways have it's own merit, though of course there are critical thresholds that one needs to pass.

I personally have always thought that the +19 endurance I get from augments is better than any +19 mitigation I will get so I only went for endurance augments. The Result is that I am a guardian tank with 30.4k HP 30% def 50% shield and 45% absorbtion. If I was to change my augments to get the 5% more absorption I was ending up losing around 2.5k - 3k HP. After thinking about it while I do see the merits of mitigation stacking I didn't consider it so crucial as to spend money on changing 10+ more augments. Full 63 except earpiece btw.

What's important is to listen to your healers and observe your tanking performance yourself, see how often you get really low in fights, ask how hard for healers is to heal you, look at your wipes in bosses etc. My gear is well enough to take on all the content offered by this game and that suffices for me, until the day I hear from my healers criticism.
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