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The warzone works ok in ranked because teams tend to be made up of a good composition so there is not a huge kill disparity. The issue that we keep bringing up is the issue of normals. Normal queue is where this warzone with the kill system with points just makes very little sense.
This. Basically if you don't have heals, or your team doesn't do a good job of focusing the heals, its over. This is especially true on our server as imperials never really queue without heals, and we have multiple healer/smashbomber premades to contend with.

I know recently we've tried controlling both turrets, or preventing a cap of the enemies turrets, but if that goes bad, and sometimes it does, it looks like not only do they get the points for capping, but all the kills up until then because their score always passes ours significantly. You could delay, but in the end its still the kills that matter. Orbs need to be fixed to where they provide a significantly higher boost to your score than kills do. Kills should be secondary, not primary. This map favors certain compositions, which isn't necessarily fair given that you are paired with random players unless you premade with certain roles only for the sole purpose of beating this map. (3+ heals doesn't do you well in other warzones as our imperial counterparts no doubt figured out. )
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