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(may I make clear that the Revan in this battle is the Revan of the Mandalorian Wars – and his power base is all that he had command over during the said conflict)
I know this one's already finished, but I just wanted to point this out re: Malachor V's Force imprint favouring Traya. Not only is Revan still a Jedi (albeit an unorthodox and increasingly desperate one), but he'd have no knowledge or use for the Malachor V 'wound'/Dark Side imprint. Traya, on the other hand established and studied the nature of the focal point of the Force irregularity at what would become the Trayus Core for years.

Granted she was defeated there previously by Sion and Nihilus, but the Trayus Core also amplified their Dark Side affinity as well. With Revan, that's not the case. Even if he was hovering somewhere in between Light and Dark at this stage, he'd be completely overwhlmed by Traya's combined Mastery of the Force and amplified power via what is basically a Dark Side Nexus.
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