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Also, as amount of selfhealing (TkT) depend on HP, 31k HP will give you 400 more selfheals...
Another aspect I had in mind when I opted for this configuration. When I put the dreadguard healer relic the self-heals are going off the charts. Battle readiness instantly heals you for 10% of your HP if memory serves. So, when I pop it I receive around 3100 green hugs from my tank not the healer.

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I am not a number wizard like keyboardninja or have KItru's experiance with a geared 50 in every AC.
I still preach the balance approach of stacking some HP with defenses. I can understand I'risa's point of the extra HP, the light armour has several disatvantages. Sure we can mitigate more on firebrand than any other tank, but incinerate still hurts. And Kitru's idea boils down to being healed less with I'risa's being able to not need healing longer. Both tanks understand the healer has other people to heal besides them. This is the stumbling block in the two schools of shadow thought. This is my statement I hope kephas doesn't crit on me or im dead at full health with 27k hp in denova NM

A very excellent post and shows the beauty of this game where one can adapt to suit the needs of his raid. I have never questioned Kitru's contributions and valuable input. I just disagree sometimes with the one way approach. The whole picture is often worth seeing. I just want to be prepared for the rare cases when my healer will tell me on mumble that he has no ammo/energy/force or when he is overwhelmed. While rare these occasions, any healer will appreciate when you tell him on mumble 'don't heal me, prioritize and recover your resources'. Another example where my raid benefited greatly from my configuration was in the first phase TFB HM. One of our acid kiters made a mistake and died. The other healer was low on resources because of some aggro issues, his part of the raid took damage, and was very focused to keep people alive. I told my healer to go and res, this group will be fine. He was reluctant and I told him to relax. My dps did not take dmg aggro issues are rare on a shadow and I did not need heals for a good period of time. He got in range, gave the res and came back. I was at 18k hp from my self heals and other shadow perks. Took a few of these 'rare' situations for my healers to trust me and realize that while spiky, when needed, my shadow will stay alive beautifully.