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12.22.2012 , 03:46 AM | #61
To toss my two cents in I would agree the orb count needs to be higher or the orbs need to spawn faster. I would also put out there since you need to guard your pylon from stealthers and rushers, they need to put in a defender bonus for guarding it. Otherwise the guard gets little and there is no incentive to guard it. Ive seen a lot of people abandon the pylon to get medals/kills. With you having to leave the pylon because of discharge its going to slow down defender point gain anyways (which still plays into the whole team death match aspect),but this gives people a reason to guard it. I have seen this happen on both sides in pug's. Its a suggestion at least and it would add a bit more incentive to have a strategy that includes people guarding the pylon while stopping the complaints at having to guard.