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12.22.2012 , 03:31 AM | #23
I keep hoping that EA/Bioware will stop insulting the Founding members of his community. My sub has been cancelled and this is the note I submitted :

As a founder and an individual that paid FULL PRICE for the game, I have little to no benefit from the purchase. Other MMOs that have converted to FTP have taken a different approach. For instance, The Secret World is giving the entire base game, without restrictions, to anyone that has purchased the game for FULL PRICE.

Bioware and EA does not value the founding players that paid the development costs for this game. New FTP players get the same play experience, with only a $5 purchase. My $170 dollars invested in this game, versus their $5 means nothing to EA, obviously. The Cartel Coin allocation for Founders was very meager.

I have to deal with XP and travel restrictions, even though I am the reason that the servers are still running. Absolutely ridiculous and an insult to my intelligence. The mail restrictions are absolutely aggravating. Why not allow full mail access within my legacy?

Give me the base game, the out of the box experience, as a founder or I will not sub to this game again. Period.

Lift the XP restrictions for founders and other ridiculous efforts to force my sub.

I'll finish my class stories and turn the lights out, if I can manage to gain the XP to do so with the CCs I have left.
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