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Quote: Originally Posted by Nemmar View Post
It doesnt have Pandas and Pokemon. That makes it better by default.
In my case its not WoW so its better by default =) I would rather play AngryBirds - the MMO then revisting azeroth.

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It also doesn't have 3 new operations 6 new flashpoints 2 new warzones a new race and a new class. I don't know how any one can say this cruddy little swtor expac is in any way shape or form up to the standards of a real MMO expac.
Oh you're a SWtoR Developer that you can say what is in the Expansion? The only thing we now right now about features in MoP that aren't in RotHC is a new race (cathar will be cartellshop exclusive) and 5 zones. But we do not know how large makeb is exaktly. So it could be worth one, two or three zones not?

We also know that it was planned that all FPs without HM would get one for makeb (but there is no official announcment to that, yet its just a romur from the gamescom).

Whatt we also now that on releasedate MoP was 4 times the price of RotHC to subscribers.