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12.22.2012 , 12:17 AM | #20
You want us to let you know what we think ? Allright.

- Selling UI unlocks in the cash shop is an absolute disaster, whoever came up with that idea should be fired because the amount of bad PR this idea created for the game is rather unfixable

- Your initial idea with giving f2p people ONE (!) quickbar clearly shows how out of touch with reality you are

- How was making the game IMPOSSIBLE to play (you can't play with one quickbar) for F2Ps an even an acceptable idea ?

- Mentioning said quickbars in the video is another terrible move

- Most of the items are terribly overpriced

- A person in charge of the cash shop needs to be replaced with somebody who understands how a succesful F2P model works

- Most of the items in the cartel market are really terrible if you are a subscriber, I have yet to find a single item worth spending money on

- Stop making such videos alltogether! All they do is remind your subscribers how badly this game has flopped.
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