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Quote: Originally Posted by xCyberpunkx View Post
Here is the list of every MMO I've played:

Ultima Online
Anarchy Online
Everquest 2
World of Warcraft
Pirates of the Burning Sea
EVE Online
Star Wars Galaxies
Lord of the Rings Online
Runes of Magic
Guild Wars

I've never made it to end game in ANY of these MMO's because I lost my patience quickly and got tired of the grind. I mastered a bunch of professions in Star Wars Galaxies, but that didn't have an end-game really, so I'm not counting that.

SWTOR is the ONLY MMO I've actually stuck with until I reached end game, and I have the story-driven class quests to thank for that, because it held my attention until the very end, so massive kudos to Bioware.

I think SWTOR will be successful for gamers, like me, who don't particularly enjoy MMO's or who have never played one before.
Ya, but if they only focus on the usual endgame grinding stuff they aren't going to keep those types of gamers.