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12.21.2012 , 08:58 PM | #6
It would be really useful (to me) to have character transfers allowed again (and I think they need to add at least one server to spread the population out a bit). I somehow have 14 characters on one server...anyway, in the Fleet, my fps is atrocious, even at low graphics settings. There's no point getting on my speeder because I'll end up speeding off one of the cliffs before the frames can catch up and show me where I'm going.

The crowding is especially bad on the Imperial Fleet on the Harbinger server, so I was hoping to transfer my imperial characters to another server. On the other hand, Quesh seemed somewhat sparsely populated for my republic characters, but still dense enough that if I wanted to group up I probably could.

Yeah, we don't want dead servers, but there are too few now, and it's crowded. Add one more server please!