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12.21.2012 , 08:21 PM | #353
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It is listed at being $39.99 NEW.

So my statement that the latest Expansion of WoW costs $40 is true, and the "+" that I said next to it is because of the Collector's Edition

Which is listed at $79.99

So regardless, $10/$20 for TOR's 1st Expansion is a LOT less then that of WoW's latest Expansion. Given it could be because TOR's is Digital while WoW's had a Store Copy that one could buy from an actual Store, it is still a lot less.
Good god, honestly.
It's $20 NEW. Twenty. Just because you can find ONE PLACE overcharging people for it doesn't make that the case. It's like saying "well this one guy on my block wants $10k for his 1987 ford 150 with no engine or transmission, must be what it's worth." Lol. Get real dude. Even if you buy it on Blizzard's own website is it cheaper.