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12.21.2012 , 07:34 PM | #6
I play empire and republic both. Have high level and low level toons on both sides. Most of the time I prefer empire, but as far as general conversation and feeling like part of a community, I haven't felt that since I left my first 50 assassin on an old PvE server that's now shadowlands. Republic side, there are always convos going. Just a few nights ago we were discussing dragon age: origins vs. dragon age 2, mass effect trilogy, and other MMOs... There are almost always people willing to help you out with things, Consular in particular. I've had random players offer to run me through a flashpoint if I ask for a group more than twice and they expect nothing in return.

The community itself is thriving, and most of the players here are socializing by making enemies in warzones that turn into friends.

Different kinda of people respond to random conversation starters in most zones, but something silly, or making a comment about something you're frustrated with gets most people talking.

Also, if you're on late, people are mostly half asleep and focusing on not getting squished and not paying much attention to the chat log. Anyway, I hope this was helpful in some small way.
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