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Making 49 gear is not a good way to make money off these skills, and never has been. The time or credit cost of materials is huge, and the profit is nil because they're bested by even the lousy recruit set you get for free at 50, or the Tionese that you could get with trivial effort before the free gift.

The only money in these trades is augments and orange sets, particularly low level orange belts and bracers, if you have the creds and patience to camp GTN for the patterns. The mats are cheap to farm, the profit is good because supply is low (due to the stupidly rare drops on schematics for these two slots), and people gearing up alts will pay a healthy price for them because you're only competing with either super expensive legacy belts or the very rare event gear (which, thanks to cash shop, you can be sure we will not be seeing any more of ever, as the current Life Day "event" proves).

So far BW has been so incredibly lazy with the CM stuff that they can't manage to even repaint a couple spare belt and bracer patterns for the $12 recycled twentieth-repaint-of-the-same-old-skin sets they've dumped in there. So for now orange belts are still an easy sell, especially at low levels.

Once that's gone though, it's pretty much just augments. But it's been that way for a long time now. Don't expect to see any new itemization come into the game except through the cash shop, and you can be sure that anything which stands in the way of profit on "new" cash shop junk will swiftly be nerfed, broken, or stealth patched out of the game to make way for it.
Too true, and as they slowly Customise everything we will lose more of the market. Take them customising Shield generators and all that next it will be earpieces and implants sooo stupid.