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Salutations folks. Something that ive noticed during my Time on Begeren is that the chat channels are dead regardless if there are 150 people on a planet. For the health of the server and community as a whole i think everyone needs to make it a point to converse with people outside your immediate circle (guild ect) .

This is more far reaching then just saying hello. from my experience servers that interact as a whole seem to thrive. People want to log on and be active. So the next time you are on. dont hesitate to jump into a conversation and meet some new folks!

what are some other ideas you have to bring our community closer together? lets make it happen!

Haha, just the other day I was going through class quests on Nar Shadaa, and general was silent, so I typed "NAR SHADAA IS MINE!" which started a fun little discussion in general.