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Ok, here is what I have learned about being a Jugg.

Core stats for great dmg:
2000 str unbuffed
1000 pwr unbuffed
(Str adds to crit, so you can remove crit mods/ench (some, not all) and dump power in there.
The question I now have is, how much of a damage % bonus is expertise per point, plus it's based off your core damage, so sacrificing your core damage to boost your damage by a % by point is something you need to balance and calculate.

Str has no depreciating value
Neither does power
Str is .22 (roughly) dmg per point
Pwr is .23 dmg per point
Str adds to crit %, on a different curve than crit chance.

So, you need to find the balance that maximizes base damage, then tacks on a heap of bonus damage. 1300 + expt does seem pretty high, how much core damage do you lose by having it that high and how much damage could you have if you reduced it to say, 1100 and pumped your core stats?
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