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12.21.2012 , 03:55 PM | #14
I remember being with a relatively casual guild many moons ago, and we were going at SM EC and couldn't do T/Z to save our lives.

Wipe wipe wipe wipe repair repair repair repair. We met every weekend just to beat our heads against the wall. Come to forums, see people talking about how bad we must be if we couldn't even get past SM when so many people had HM EC on farm.

Enter the hero of the tale.

He's like, "No it's easy, let's run it." He then brings the same group of failures (me included) into SM EC, we get in mumble, he explains the fight, where to stand, what happens. One wipe, an alteration of instructions, and BOOM we made it! He then proceeds to take us all the way through the entire operation, trolls us on the minefield (there's a lore object at the top of the trench, jump up and grab it ...), and in one play session, turned what used to seem impossible into easy.