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Why shouldn't it be? I cant take my black hole gear into a warzone without being uncompetitive so why should PvPers be allowed to take their BM/WH/EWH into a flashpoint or operation and do fine with it? Now they've made WH the same costs as BM was it's even worse. PvPers can now basically skip the columi grind (including the PvE main hands which are hard to get) and maybe even rakata as well.

Not only that the PvP relics up until 1.5 were (and in most cases still are) best in slot yet you don't even need to click them... how on earth is that fair when the rest of us have to grind daily comms for gimped on use or proc relics?

It just seems bioware want to go out of their way to please the PvP crowd because they're the loudest screamers, and every time a class gets unnecessarily nerfed and becomes useless overall no doubt there was a huge thread of crybabies in the PvP section beforehand.

LOL, Columi grind, you can get that way faster then you can get PvP gear.

I would tend to argue that the gear should be equally viable on both sides of the game.